Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny thing happened at the Library

I decided to take a trip to the Vassar Library today just for the heck of it. while walking there it proceeded to Thunder up above me in the clouds. I didn't think much of it until I go to said library and got on a computer and was only on it a couple of 13,14 minutes when I was told to cease and desist as Tuscola County was under a tornado Warning and they were shuttin down the puters. No Biggie Im cool I thought....But we were then Herded like cattle into a small room with no windows to remain until said warning expired. A couple of other of my Fellow crisis room mates decided to leave the room numerous times only to get yelled at by a very Bitchy Liberian!!! So Yours Truly decided to have a little fun and Left the room a couple of 13, 14 times just to mess with The wicked bitch of the Library!!! LOL!! A great Deal of Fun was had by me!!! I enjoyed messing with this lady!! She kept saying " Now Charles I thought I told you to Stay in that room!!!" I just Looked at her and laughed!! Aint I a Bastard!! LOL


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