Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Truly Tormented Soul

Is one who is in denial.Someone who cannot forgive past mistakes made by other people and Move on. Someone who is not willing to help a Family member in need cause they cant get over themself and their selfish ways. A truly Tormented Soul accuses someone of not having their own mind or saying someone is controlling a persons mind when that person doesn't think or act the way the Tormented Soul thinks they should. They cant accept that the person is truly happy so they try to control their lives. A truly tormented soul preaches to others to give your pain and problems to God but keeps quoting a line from Star Trek 5 where Captain Kirk says " I Need my Pain"
Thats called being a Hypocrite.A truly Tormented Soul Gets told a truth they dont want to hear and they call it Trash Talking. A truly Tormented soul refuses to talk about the situation even after they have asked twice.

Chuckws Patience is running VERY thin with these Tormented Souls

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