Thursday, September 17, 2009


For one of my Writing classes, The assignment was to write a devotional.

Here is what I wrote.


He who began a good work in you


Every once in a while I tend to stray from God. I don't mean to do it, it just

happens. But when I fall away from God, something always happens to bring me right back to

his side.


I grew up on a farm in a small town in Michigan however after graduating from

high school, I was accepted to college at Brown Institute in Minnesota. I was a small town kid

who was not prepared for the big city and I was about to be tested in a way that I have never



We had just come to the end of the fourth day overdue. Our son was scheduled to

arrive into this world on the 28th of September but just like his dad, he decided to take his time.

We had just arrived home from having dinner at Red Lobster when her water broke! The

moment that we had been waiting for had finally arrived.


We immediately left for the hospital, was checked in and moved to a room. They

completed the necessary confirmation that officially determined that she was in labor and then

the waiting began. A couple of hours passed, but she wasn't making any progress. The decision

was then made to administer a drug that would help it along. By 10 am the next day, she finally

began active labor. The next couple of hours were hectic and difficult. I have to give a lot of

credit to my ex-wife, I think she made it thru the active labor better than I did! After eight hours

of active labor my ex-wife had began to feel the urge to push, a nurse did an examination and

discovered that she was fully dilated


After awhile of pushing, no progress was being made. During an ultrasound that

was performed a few months prior to the delivery, it was discovered that my son had a larger

than normal head, again he is taking after his dad. It was determined that he couldn't enter the

birth canal due to the size of his head, so the decision was made to deliver via cesarean section.


Christopher Ray Walker was delivered at 2:13 am on October the 2nd. There were

complications. They had given my ex-wife a spinal tap to prepare her for the operation and some

of the medication had passed on to Christopher, when he was delivered he was not breathing.

They preformed neo natal resuscitation and were able to revive him. During the operation my ex-

wife lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion.


I walked into that hospital with a wife that I had only been married to a year and a son on

the way. I almost walked out of that hospital 48 hours later with nothing. After I checked on my

son and my ex-wife and made sure they were going to be ok, I went straight to the hospitals

chapel and fell to my knees and praised God.


When I was in High School, I was a member of a Christian singing group and one of the

songs that we sang was "He who began a good work in you". This experience reminded me of

some of the lyrics from that song

"If the struggle you're facing is slowly replacing your hope with despair or the process is

long and you're losing your song
in the night. You can be sure that the Lord Has His hand

on you safe and secure He will never abandon you. You are his treasure and he finds his

pleasure in you"


I felt lost and run down by the fast pace style of the big city and had fallen away from

God. This was a memorable experience that had reminded me that God is in control and it

Brought me back to his side.


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